Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Boys Update

Bridger is growing up.  He's getting taller and his face is changing; he's not my little boy anymore, he's a big kid.  He's doing a summer camp at the Washington Rec center and loves it.  He has fun for 2.5 hours, and I get to spend some one-on-one time with Ty, and a few chores done.  I love this stage he is in right now.  His personality is so fun.  He is just full of LIFE.  Here are a few quotes I had to remember:

BRIDGER: Sorry I took so long going poo-poo, I had to poop so I could get my power back.

MOM: What is baptism, Bridger?
B:  It's when you come out of the pool and all of your germs get off.

B: But Jesus wants us to die
M: What? Why?
B: So we can see him.
M: Who told you that?
B: No one.  I just think'd about it.

B: Mom, you're driving too fast.  Don't get a car crash! Should we pray and ask Jesus to not get us a car crash? (then he said a quick prayer)

B: Mom, can you get me a snack?
M: My hands are kind of full, bud.
B: OK, here are your options: you can go put those things down and then get me an apple.  Or get me an apple now.  What do you choose?

B: When are we going?
M: In just a second
B: OK, I'm going to count.
M: Exasperated look
B: Just kidding, I'm not going to count.  Mom, I'm about say something that starts with a 'W'... One.
Bridger graduated from his first year of preschool.  He loved his teacher, Ms. Gini, and she loved him.  

We were walking out of the Gap Factory after returning some clothes, and Ty took off running into, not the Toy store, not Yogurt Land, but DICKS Sporting Goods.  That kid LOVES all things sports.  I've never seen anything like it.  He likes anything with a ball or gun.  He would rather watch an NBA game over a cartoon.  HE IS TWO YEARS OLD.

Tonight, Ty sprayed some Clorox Bleach cleaner into his face and some of it got into his eyes.  Tim and I panicked (obviously) and rinsed his eyes out under the sink for 5-10 minutes.  Ty screamed and screamed, but we had to make sure he was alright.  In between dunking him in the water, we asked him if he could see or if his eyes hurt, he would garble some reply, then back to the water.  After a little break from semi-drowning, Ty pleaded over and over TY SEES! TY SEES! (whimper) TY SEES!

Jack is almost 8 months old.  He is such a happy baby and LOVES HIS MAMA.  Jack won't go (willingly) to anyone, not even his dad.  He just started crawling, but mostly scoots everywhere.  He puts everything in his mouth.  I'm still getting up with him once a night to feed him, so mornings are kind of rough.  Jack loves watching his brothers, they make him laugh the hardest.  He is definitely a snuggle bug. Jack makes our family so happy.  We just adore him to pieces.

Tim and I got to see Brian Reagan at Tuacahn this year.  He was great.  It was so fun to laugh our heads off together.
Church is a little more difficult with baby Jack.  However, it is sometimes nice to sit in the mothers lounge, feeding the baby, and listening the talks without the other boys around.  I feel bad for Tim, kind of.
Tim took the boys to Father/Sons in Pine Valley.  Ty freaked out before bed and then again at 1 am.  Tim ended up packing the boys up and heading home in the middle of the night.  In the morning, we found a rock shoved up Ty's nostril.  Tim got some tweezers and pulled it out, and all was well again.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beautiful Evening in April

I think I can argue that today was the most beautiful day of the year, and this evening even more so.  After dealing with screaming kids for an hour and looking around at the pig sty that my house has become over the weekend, I told Tim, "We're going for a walk."  There is nothing as therapeutic as walking outside.  As soon as we breathed in that fresh spring air, I started to calm down.  My boys were happy, the baby stopped crying, and life was ok again. Tim and I shared our thoughts on the Sunday school lesson (tithing), reviewed our goals, and just shared our simple testimonies about the Savior's love for His children.  I love talking to my husband about spiritual things, and evening walks seem to lead into these types of conversations just naturally.

When we finally got home, we force fed the kids a little snack (hopefully they'll sleep longer) and got them to sleep ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Right?!  It is now 9:22 and the perfect and only time I have to update my blog.

I wish I could update this blog every day, but it might be another 3 months before I get another post up.  I don't know if it is having three kids, or all boys, but I can't seem to come up for air.  I am continually drowning in laundry, toys, diapers, mess, and noise noise noise.  Our condo can't contain it all.  It is a good thing we are moving soon; I just don't know how much longer I can handle this place.  Jack started army crawling today, but I can't let him crawl on the carpet because who knows what disease he would pick up.  I really think this is the week.  The footings have been dug on the lot and I am crossing my fingers that the concrete will be poured in a few days.

Jack will be 6 months on Tuesday.  He is a happy baby overall, but babies in general are hard.  I still wake up 2-3 times with him every night.  Starting solids has been rough  - he can't seem to digest anything very well, so I might just keep nursing him until we figure it out.  I've tried and tried (to tears) to get him to take a bottle, but every time, he looks at me like I'm torturing him.  His colic has dissipated for the most part, and he is just getting cuter and cuter every day. I am thankful the days the go by.  Every night, I pray for forgiveness for not being a better mom - for losing my temper, for my impatience, and ask that I will be better tomorrow.  I just have to keep trying and I know that one day, I will be better.  It might not come until these boy are all older, but it will come, and if I keep trying, they'll turn out all right.
Ty loves to brush his teeth, or eat toothpaste.  He's got his dad's huge mouth.
The footings have been dug.
Ty won the big chocolate bunny at the little Easter Egg Scramble at the Kia Car lot.
Art Festival
Jack is mesmerized by Tim's guitar.
The boys were planning their next big round up.
Uncle Lance teaching the boys about lizards and making homes for scorpions.

Eating Waffle Love and flying kites at the Kite Festival.
Tim just holding the boys after a long day of work.

Jack is 3 months old and more updates

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to the sound of Jack in the other room talking, singing, "gaga"-ing to himself.  My baby is 3 months old this week and I am thrilled.  Granted, I wish it was six, but I'll take three.  Jack is getting SO CUTE!  It's a good thing, because I've never seen/heard a baby cry as much as him.  He still suffers with colic, or whatever it is.

  • When he's not crying, he is all smiles.  Jack loves to jabber.  He goes on and on - likes he's having a full on conversation with you.
  • One way to calm Jack is to change his diaper.  He might be my flower child - that boy loves to be naked.
  • He still wakes up every three hours in the night to eat.  I want to stop nursing, but it is too convenient.  I can't imagine having to get up 2-3x in the middle of the night and prepare a bottle (downstairs).
I was out with some girl friends the other night and they were chatting about how much they loved brand new babies and the infant stage.  I had nothing positive to contribute to the topic, because I really only start liking my kids once they are OUT of the infant stage.  I may need to adjust my attitude, another of my many goals.

Ty turned two in December.  He's had a rough transition with the arrival of a new baby, and he has also been sick, pretty much since November.  I hate the cold/flu season - and when Ty sucks his fingers like he's on the brink of starvation, he's bound to pick up every germ out there.  However, he is still our sweet boy.
  • He is really into sword fighting.  He even knows how to pretend to die.  Every night, when Tim walks through the door after work, Ty grabs the extra sword and puts it in Tim's hand.  
  • He is a major tease and loves to get under Bridger's skin.  He knocks over Bridger's blocks, takes his crayons, punches him in the face, and throws his toys all around the house.
  • However, he gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  He can't stand to see anyone sad (unless he is the originator), and will do anything to make it all better.
  • Ty loves LOVES being outside.  Going to walks is his favorite thing.
  • He sleeps like a champ and still naps two hours every day, hallelujah.
Bridger has been in preschool since September and has learned so much.
  • He is really into coloring, drawing, and writing right now.  He goes through paper at a very expensive rate.  The other day, he gave me a picture he had drawn with every number and letter he knew. and told me to "send the envelope to dad for his birthday."
  • He has also started the dreaded potty-talk and talking back.  He thinks it is hilarious to use the word "poop" in any sentence and tries to use it in every sentence.  We are discouraging this, but there's only so much you can do with a 4 yr old's sense of humor.
  • He is an incredible big brother.  Though he loves to tease Ty, he never retaliates when Ty knocks him over the head or punches him in the face.  He is so helpful, always running to get diapers, paper towels, or whatever I need.  
  • He is still sleeping in our room, but that is all about to change, because...
We are building a new home!  Tim signed the contract yesterday and we are so excited.  We found a great little lot in a cul-de-sac, right next to a park out in Little Valley.  I am a bit panicked about the financial responsibility of owning a home, but after much thought and prayer, we are moving forward despite the apprehension.  It is a simple tract home, so it should be done by June.  I will finally have a backyard to get some relief from my crazy energetic children.

Tim and I feel truly blessed at this time in our lives.  No, it is not our easiest stage of life, but I am so happy with the most perfect man beside me, and the cutest little hooligans running around.  I know Heavenly Father has been guiding our path and is incredibly mindful of us.